Girls Connect Nigeria

Girls Connect was launched in 2018 in Nigeria and it is a platform under the girls in charge foundation to connect girls together empowering them and creating a platform for them to network with one another seeing what other girls are doing and get inspired to start making an impact in their world. Girls Connect has taken place in 4 Countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, reaching over 200 ladies and with this, we have formed a network of ladies in different professional fields and lifestyles.

Advancement in information and communication technology has changed the way businesses were operated hitherto. Women are now much aware of their own traits, rights and also the work situations. The challenges and opportunities provided to the women of the digital era are growing rapidly that the job seekers are turning into job creators. They are flourishing as designers, interior decorators, exporters, publishers, garment manufacturers and still exploring new avenues of economic participation. Although women constitute the majority of the total population, the entrepreneurial world is still a male-dominated one. Women in advanced nations are recognized and are more prominent in the business world.

This conference is aimed at young ladies discovering who they are at a young age, discovering their creativity and making an impact on their creativity and innovations.

The objectives of this conference include the following:


  • To educate girls on the power of their creativity an innovative idea
  • Learn from world-class speakers’ personal experience
  • To create a strong networking platform among young ladies for global change
  • To create a platform for young girls to discover who they are.
  • To create a mentorship platform for young ladies


The Conference would also focus on the varied dimensions of empowering women through entrepreneurship as a central theme and globally emerged best practices towards the promotion of women entrepreneurship. The event would provide room for sharing experiences putting a thrust on reviving the global cooperation on women entrepreneurship development.






Date: 9th and 10th of October, 2020 (A two-day conference)

Time: 10am to 4pm

Proposed Venue/ Address: Excel event Centre Ikeja Lagos state, Nigeria.

Target Audience: 100 to 200 Delegates from different parts of Nigeria



The two-day conference will have the following features:

  • Six invited plenary lectures
  • Workshops
  • Networking meetings
  • Icebreaker
  • Award Night and Dinner
  • Exhibition Booths( Depending on the interest of potential exhibitors)



Based on previous Girls Connect Conference, This conference is relevant to ladies who are age 18 and above, ladies who are in the universities and want to be directed in the right professional field, ladies who have their start-ups or who want to start up their business and for ladies who want to discover who they are.

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