Call for Case Studies – Share Your Success Story

As a Women’s Empowerment Principles signatory, you are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community. You are implementing programme, policies and initiatives that you are particularly proud of, such as exemplary parental leave policy, a specific measure to overcome gender imbalance in senior management roles, or maybe even crossed completely uncharted territory that has reaped unprecedented benefits for your female employees. We want to hear from you! We aim to document these concrete measurements into case-studies.

Fill out this form if you are interested in sharing your success story!

We are in the process of gathering insights from companies who have implemented promising and innovative measures for gender equality and women’s empowerment.  Building on the most comprehensive roadmap to achieving gender equality – the Women’s Empowerment Principles – these case studies serve to celebrate and amplify your achievements and facilitate peer learning about concrete measures for advancing and championing women’s rights across the private sector.



- Celebrate your achievement: You are proud of the progress you have made. Why not celebrate it with us, among your peers and the wider community?

- Amplify your voice: Allow us to amplify your achievement through our social media channels, newsletters and publications.

- Facilitate learning:  Contribute to knowledge-sharing and peer learning across the private sector.

- Spur further action: Many of these measures can be easily replicated. Sharing your processes and the lessons learned makes it easier for other companies to follow suit, enabling a wider advancement of gender equality goals.



- Choose one concrete measure that you have implemented and wish to highlight. (when choosing this measure, ensure that it has the potential to be documented in a detailed manner to allow others to draw useful lessons from the case study. For example, we are interested in the systems that were put in place for creating buy-in for this program, the level of leadership involved, the costs, tangible results and visible impact).

- Fill out this form to share basic information about your company, the specific measure and the relevant contact person for this programme.

- We will contact that person for an interview.

- All eligible cases will be included in a publication and promoted further on UN Women’s platform for women’s economic empowerment, Empower Women, Women’s Empowerment Principles website, our social media channels and newsletters.


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