Webinar - Assessing the Impact of Trade Agreements on Women’s Economic Empowerment

The recent wave of gender responsive trade agreements marks a global shift in trade policy whereby governments are actively seeking ways to develop and implement inclusive trade agreements.

Despite global good intentions – questions remain. How do we measure the success of trade agreements from a gender perspective? How do we understand the impact of trade agreements on women’s economic empowerment? Are women really benefiting from the free trade agreements? 

This webinar will explore ways to measure the success of trade agreements on women’s economic empowerment by looking at the opportunities for women exporters and women in the labour market economy. This webinar will focus on the recent Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and will propose a model for measuring and capturing inclusive gender-sensitive data to assess the impact of trade agreements and better inform inclusive trade agreements.



Useful Resources:

CETA factsheet  

CETA overview: the 7 main parts of the agreement

In Figures: the EU-Canada rel="noopener noreferrer" trade relationship 

CETA infographic 

How to trade with Canada: information for EU exporters

Exporting to the EU – A guide for Canadian business

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