Panel discussion: Advancing Women in Male-dominated Sectors

Many discussions on gender equality focus on women sharing their stories and challenges. However, gender equality is a societal issue, not a women's one. To truly make a difference, solutions have to be found jointly by men and women. But we simply don't hear enough from men willing to be champions of gender equality. What are the challenges they are facing? For example, one doesn't have to read too many newspaper headlines these days to understand that there are substantial risks to the organisation with sexual harassment cases. Or has fear of political incorrectness prevented honest feedback discussions to take place, hindering the career advancement of women? Should you treat your female leaders in the organisation differently than your male leaders? How do you navigate avoiding biases and stereotypes while still being authentic in your own leadership style? This is amplified by the perception of being in a male-dominated industry sector such as technology and mining.

In this panel discussion moderated by Professor Beatrix Dart, she will discuss the efforts being undertaken by these three CEOs and leaders in the mining and tech industries:  Panelists are David Pathe, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sherritt International Corporation, Neil Fraser, President, Medtronic Canada and Jonathan Lister, Country Manager and VP, Global Sales Solutions, LinkedIn Canada. Registration required: 

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