Reception: Power of the Purse

WE EMPOWER Programme in collaboration with Bernstein and Modern Well organize a public event where local women entrepreneurs and NGO will have opportunity to showcase their goods and services, exchange sustainable business practices between the participantys with an aim to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem (as owners, investors and wealth creators) and adopt the Women's Empowerment Principles.


  • Opening: Showcasing of the booths of local women entrepreneurs and NGOs
  • Reception:
    • Bernstein - Presentation on financial facts and opportunities for women
    • UN Women – Remarks on WEPs and the Investor statement
  • Concurrent workshops (or “power stations”) in conference rooms on the theme of leveraging the financial power of women (throughout the co-working space). Workshops topics on finance with strategies from local women on:
    • Creating a social business to leverage social problems (non-profit vs. for profit entity)
    • Addressing limiting beliefs around money
    • Legacy, end of life and preparing for your financial legacy
    • Financial freedom from hidden barriers (how menstruation can be a hidden financial barrier related to resources and managing family money, for example.


Kristin Haffert, WE EMPOWER Coordinator, USA

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