Webinar - Parental Leave: Smart Companies Taking a Stand


On 13 September 2019, the WE EMPOWER G7 Team hosted "Parental Leave: Smart Companies Taking a Stand" webinar.



Women’s economic empowerment is a key pillar of sustainable development. Unequal pay, disproportionate burden of unpaid care work, and lack of paid parental leave for women and men, are ultimately holding women back in the world of work.

Paid parental leave is not only a matter of rights, but also smart for the economy. It is good for families, companies and societies. Smart companies lead by example showcasing their commitment to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment by implementing concrete paid parental leave policies for their employees.

The webinar is organized by the WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme to showcase policies on parental leave G7 and EU countries.

The panelists will provide concrete examples of actions and recommendations for parental leave related policies and initiatives.




Anna Fälth, Policy Advisor and WE EMPOWER Programme Manager, UN Women


Thorey Vilhjalmsdottir, Director, Capacent Iceland

Dina Yorke, Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Schneider Electric

Tiina Bruno, Founder, Parentsmart Employers


Thorey Vilhjalmsdottir, Director, Capacent Iceland

Thorey has 20-year work experience as a company owner, board member, general manager, political advisor, project- and event manager with a diverse experience from various fields like telecommunications and politics, fashion, design, events and media.

She started four companies, three in Iceland and one in Siberia, Russia and has also led various large projects and events with a success. She is the Director at Capacent, a Nordic management consulting firm focusing on improving companies' profitability and cash flow. With its broad service offering and some 150 employees located at four offices in Iceland, Sweden and Finland, Capacent holds a strong position in the Nordic market. Thorey and her team are helping organisations and businesses to increase gender equality within the organisations with their Gender Equality Certification program.


Dina Yorke, Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Schneider Electric

Dina Yorke is Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion for Schneider Electric, and is responsible for developing and advancing strategies to build a culture of inclusion for all diversities. This includes the planning and implementation of programs and projects across the company to support Schneider Electric’s overall Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Dina believes that by building an inclusive organization, diversity will be achieved, and by embracing difference, companies will achieve better performance and more innovation.

Dina joined Schneider Electric in 2007, as the global Finance Business Partner for the Buildings Management Systems line of business. During her time with this business, she also managed the Human Resources team and worked on change management programs for the Field Services business.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Dina had worked in finance and accounting for over 15 years. She is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Boston College Carroll School of Management.


Tiina Bruno, Founder, Parentsmart Employers

Tiina is a Swedish mother of three, economist, management consultant, author and founder of the Parentsmart Employers idea. Her focus is on concrete inclusion and modern employer branding strategies in sustainable Companies/org. After research and launch of the Parentsmart Co book 2010 her perspective on the topic of working parents has got a lot of attention both in Sweden and abroad, mainly for using parenthood as a universal inclusion example relevant in all countries.

Tiina is often asked to participate in international conferences and seminars describing the Parentsmart Employers idea connected to gender equality, inclusion and work-life balance in Swedish companies. The Swedish Institute /Foreign Ministry and UN agencies like UNFPA and UN Women have invited her to present her ideas and discuss the topic of working parents on congresses and in panels in countries like Russia, Belarus, Japan, Poland, Estonia etc, and in global webinars för UN.



 “Promoting economic empowerment of women at work in G7 countries” (WE EMPOWER – G7) is a programme funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UN Women and the International Labour Organization (ILO).



UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Anne Hathaway shines a light on the issue of parental leave on International Women's Day (March 2017).



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