Who We Are

We would like to mention about our one of the very famous project based event named “Who We Are”. Its main field of action was related to Diversity and social inclusion.

Explanation of our project in one sentence is- “To illustrate everyone about the most hidden similarities among all human beings to resolve all kinds of discrimination based conflicts”.

In this project/event our main activities are-

• In many places of India, we the dedicated volunteers of "Svyam Bane Gopal" NGO, assemble different people of different cultures.
• We assemble people to inform and convince them about the most hidden similarities which are common in all human beings.
• So that the mindset of hatred and all kinds of discrimination based conflicts could be resolved effectively.
• We associate team of dedicated volunteers with us to accomplish this project.

And the results what we usually obtain from this event are-

• The target groups of different culture start to adopt broader and visionary mentality which is free from many cultural hatred related issues.
• Harmony between people from different cultures increase.
• Differences between different cultures decreased and peace increase.
• Target groups of people become more interested and engrossed towards their economical & social growth instead of intercultural conflicts.
• Interest level for education in youngsters increase remarkably.

Ways that our event innovates-

• On the basis of our several years' hard research work we gathered very rare knowledge of most hidden characteristics of every human being which is very much helpful in eliminating differences between human beings of different cultures.
• With very less monetary investment we can run this project for longer period.
• Most of the time the execution of this project was successful in achieving its goals.

The issue(s) our event aims to address and Why our project is necessary?-

The basic issue is to diminish cultural hatred related issue, and for achieving the solution of this issue we developed en extremely unique & scientific theory which is very practical and result oriented. The concept of our project usually connect & start solving apprehensions immediately, prevailed inside the hearts of victims of cultural hatred. That is why "Svyam Bane Gopal" organization and its this project are being liked everywhere.
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