Women, International Trade and Technology Panel Session

In an ever-globalizing world, technology and trade are driving global economic transformations. While the global economy observes radical growth in technology sectors, such as information and communications technology, it is also observed that women have consistently represented approximately 27 percent of the communications technology industry in Canada over the last few years. As technological changes transform Canada and the world, new opportunities are arising for women to drive and influence technology. These opportunities are further compounded with new trade agreements, such as the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which eliminate barriers to trade and open up opportunities for women in business in other markets.%u202F However, the benefits of trade and the advancements of technology continue to be subject to gender barriers. While 16 percent of all Canadian SMEs are owned by women, only 8.4 percent of exporters are women. Furthermore, only 23 percent of female university graduates work in STEM. These statistics demonstrate that there remain immense challenges for women to contribute to the design, production, and use of technology, in order for them to further benefit from the economic opportunities, such as those created by free trade agreements. 
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