Technology Careers for Women



Women represent only 28 percent of STEM graduates and 23 percent of STEM workers in Canada. Women entering the tech sector need more than just basic technical skills. They need to be adaptable and have the right mindset to succeed in a changing workplace, especially as roles become increasingly cross-functional and multi-disciplinary. This session will teach women how to succeed in the tech sector.

Join the WE EMPOWER programme of UN Women, European Union and ILO, along with co-hosts MaRS Discovery District to learn more about the skills required to succeed in the tech sector, particularly in Canada.

In this event you will learn about the opportunities in the tech sector, learn about the the skills required and expand your networks.

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Kareen Ndema leads the Student Work Placement program at MaRS Discovery District, which seeks to prepare students for the Future of Work by connecting them with opportunities in Canada’s tech sector. Kareen is passionate about providing marginalized communities with the tools and resources they need to succeed and overcome systemic barriers, and actively works to create opportunities in tech for under-represented youth. Prior to her current role, Kareen worked at Global Affairs Canada and developed security policies and programs for Canadian embassies around the world. While at Global Affairs Canada, Kareen was an elected representative for the Visible Minorities Committee, which worked to address equity issues in government and promote diversity and inclusion practices. Her time in the federal public service shed light on the invisible power structures underlying young people’s barriers to access. A strong proponent of fair and equitable education and resources, Kareen has come to MaRS to ensure access in the tech economy is guaranteed for youth from under-represented groups. @KareenNdema


Sandra Duong is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. She completed her degree in Cognitive Science in computation and minored in Sociology, Psychology, Mental Health and Buddhism. She is currently working as an ESL Instructional Designer for Off2Class, a company offering a digital toolkit of lesson and homework materials for teachers of English as a Second Language. In her spare time, she loves to read poetry and blog.

Direct link to the event here

More information about MaRS Student Work Placement Program is available here.  

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