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Subject Matter Resources

Supporting and Growing...

A great opportunity lies before both our countries—one that can unlock significant economic growth. By investing in women entrepreneurs, and helping them get to the next level, we stand poised to...

Private Sector Engagement with...

This report describes the lessons learned by a group of major multinationals who have joined the effort to economically empower women through partnerships, research, and innovative programmes that aim...

Return on Equality: Investment...

The urgent need to close the gender gap was underscored in September 2015 with the establishment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by 193 Member States of the United...

Women in the Economy II: How...

This report is a detailed follow uo to the 2015 publication Women in the Economy: Global Growth Generators, which made the case that the role of women in the labor force should be incorporated as a...