Supporting Women in Politics/ Muslim women seeking public office

Qal'bu Maryam Women's Mosque is a unique and inspiring step to empower women in the Muslim world in our urban areas in America.
This mosque is not only woman run, and includes women in every aspect of running it, this mosque is inclusive of all genders, sects, and colors of people and ethnicities.  Muslim women are striving to become a voice of reason, power, and force.  We give a platform to any Muslim woman, particularly woman of color who are running for political office. The founder of Qal'bu Women's Mosque is an African american Muslim woman who goes up against the patriarchy, and the ignorance that keeps Muslim women in the back, and silenced.  Rabi'a Keeble is an activist, and a hard working founder of this mosque that is also a social justice oriented mosque.  While faith and our spiritual path defines us, social activism is our main goal, an activism that addresses the problems in male run, traditional mosques.
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