Breakthrough Technologies and Innovations that Empower Women

Event Recap:

We must act now, and this event today will introduce how technology can help empower girls and women to make progress, to break the mold, and start accelerating Gender Equality globally. The new is a step in that direction. It is a global movement enabled by technology.
By Hemant Ramachandra

Panelists Fereshteh Forough, Ramcess Jean-Louis, Kristin Hetle, Mitra Best and our moderator Sigal Zarmi provided a thought provoking dialogue focused on one of the most important global topics – bridging the Gender Gap. The documentary CODE exposed the challenges women face in the tech space and the fact we have a significant journey ahead of us to bridge the gender gap. The panel discussed how technology can enable change and empowerment and how the megatrends are going to be a driving force globally in all aspects of our lives including gender equality.

Check out the event video and photos to learn more! 

Photo credit: PwC

PwC along with UN Women is hosting “Breakthrough Technologies & Innovations that empower women" at the 60th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60).

The world is experiencing technological change, social change and economic opportunity at a pace never before experienced in human history. When women flourish in any of these areas, there is a demonstrable shift in gender relations and organizational growth. When women and girls have access to technology, they have access to information and opportunities - enabling them to drive change in their lives, families and their communities.

The documentary will be followed by a panel discussion and a reception providing an opportunity to discuss some of these challenges highlighted in the documentary as well as the role of technology & social media in driving women’s economic empowerment. The discussion will explore megatrends, technology and innovation through a gender equality lens and identify strategies and skills that will empower women and drive the 2030 agenda.

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  • Jerelyn Lee
    Innovation and breakthrough ideas are key reasons to make the world a better place to live.
  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem
    Innovative initiative. I applaud the efforts the panelists and the organizers
  • Layi Agoro
    Well interesting !!! where i work we try to use technology to drive things being done by women in particular so it would be interesting to share experiences with others on how we had done things and how we can address those challenges therein
  • Nyari Mashayamombe
    Should be there
  • Pat Stockton
    Plan to be there ! Here in N Y for CSW60. Look forward!
  • Ebere Azubike-Ubesie
    I plan to be there . Am involved in 3 NGOs , SCM ,we are reaching out to the youth and women in high school and colleges , Jeruel Grace , into getting education to less privileged children and empowering rural women. And the Mothers Union under the Church of Nigeria into empowering women at all levels
  • Sneha Aidasani
    Looking forward to attending!
  • Yangbo Du
    As a founding partner of two NGOs involved with the SDGs (Young Minds for Gender Equality and #GlobalResolutions, targeting Goals 5 and 17, respectively), I look forward to attending and keeping abreast of the latest insights on technology as an instrument towards closing gender gaps. Here is a campaign one of my teams recently concluded in partnership with DDB, using satire to highlight why closing the gender pay gap is in everyone's interest:
  • Kimberly King
    Hi! I am Co-Founder of WIESD - Women in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development; Vice President of International Women's Think Tank, working with our national/global girls and STEM network; and CSO of Global Tech, a Silicon-Valley based consortium that identifies/markets/develops/distributes/scales innovative solutions. I look forward to attending your event and learning more about your programs.
    • Kimberly King
      (I work with projects in the US, Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria), Central and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. )
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  • Claudette Hayle
    I am an entrepreneur in NYC, launching an Impact Investment Fund that will co-invest in Energy, Agriculture and Infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, South- East Asia and Latin America. I am based in NYC and would appreciate your consideration for my attendance. Best, Claudette
  • vicki disalvo
    I would love to be a part of the conversation. I am an executive in the financial sector in NYC. I have started a Women in Technology group at Standard & Poor's and have been quite successful. My efforts are to continue to network my name and to empower, mentor and support women. Appreciate your consideration to attend. Hope the event is a wonderful success, Vicki
  • Muthoni Anne Shongwe
    kindly consider my registration request. We are partnering with PwC in South Africa on WEE
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