Empowering & Equipping Women to be Effective Leaders in Business and Society

As a humanitarian ambassador and female advocate, I am the host of the event that will be in the form of a workshop. The workshop event will include a panel of ladies who are in the economic sector as foreigners, and there will be a segment presentation from a male guest regarding how men can be catalysts ine mpwoering womne. The workshop will highly focus on discussing the following:
  • The stigma that women and girls face,

  • Traditional norms that are stopping women from developing their intellectual and entrepreneural skillls

  • How to support women in developing countries

  • Business challenges that women face when they start businesses. 
The purpose of the event is to celebrate the strides that women have made in life and to also acknowledge the challenges faced and how to actually face them practically based on available resources. The workshop is formal but very interactive and well engaging as it is also open to men as they are also the target in empowering women in the long run. 
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  • Maryann Farrugia

    Women can be also a great leader, there's no doubt about that. Women are strong and they have this attitude to just go forward and face all the problems. With the proper training and briefing and experience they can become a good and effective leaders in business. So for me don't underestimate women because they can also lead and protect. There is an article that i read and it says that "Why women are more effective leaders than men", don't know what website is that but you can search for it.

    Maryann Farrugia

    CEO, Sales & Managing Director

    Maryann Farrugia on Crunchbase

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