Creating Opportunities for Economic Empowerment and Employment for Young Women

Business leaders identify the youth employment crisis as one of the most pressing global risks of our time, but also see investing in youth as one of the greatest potentials for business growth and development. There are more young people today than at any other time in history, approximately 1.8 billion, and half are women. These young people are breaking through stereotypes and creating innovative, concrete solutions to long-standing problems. Yet, although young people are creating these sustainable solutions, there is a disconnect with the formal labour force. Over the last year, youth unemployment rates have increased and the disparity in labour force participation between young women and men has widened. 

This webinar, co-hosted by the UN Global Compact, UN Women and Plan International, will highlight the opportunity and need for business to scale up action and invest in the future workforce to create economic opportunities for young women around the world, produce bottom line impacts on business growth and sustainability, and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More details here.

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  • Shija Majebele
    The problem youth unemployment is still being a Challenges in many African countries, in Tanzania in attempt to address the problem the government is trying to rectify the failure of Labour market in order to protect the poor and the dis advantage against economic and social Tanzania we lack active Labour market policy but most applicable is emphasis on self employment and engaging in agriculture activities. the current government has put more emphasis in investing in industries, which probably might result in job creation
  • Christine Wahome
    Good mentorship is key to develop grounded young leaders.Great opportunity it is!
  • caroline nyakeri
    Today's youth have great innovations like never before but have limited opportunities for formal employment. It is great to see work being done towards creating solutions that can incorporate the formal work sector as well as build on self employment options. This will boost self esteem and contribute towards sustainable development maximising on all talents available.
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    Great opportunity
  • aderemi bamgboye
    Really excited to be a part of it...Registered
  • Gaofenngwe Kabubi
    a very good innitiative
  • Pradeep Panda
    looking forward.
  • Tim Immaculate Bih
    I can't miss this opportunity. 
  • Dr Rejoice Shumba
    I have registered and i am looking forward to this webinar
  • Sophie Ngassa
    Hello, I like this topic.Thanks for organisating.
  • Toro Olatidoye
    Looking forward to this webinar and I registerd.
  • Agnes Frederick Mgongo
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  • Tinuola Aina
    Registered. Thanks for organising this webinar. 
  • Nina Corder
    Registered and I look forward to learn more ABOUT this topic! Thank you for hosting such a great topic! #WEE
  • Lilian Ifemeludike  yay!!! Look what I found.... the link guys. Register away.....
  • Lilian Ifemeludike
    I would love to register. So many of us have also tried to register. I have also tried to register but can not find a link for registeration. Can someone help us with how to register? Thanks guys
  • Patricia Masocha
    How would this benefit the youth in my country? 
  • Edith Ndhine
    I would love to participate in the forum.
  • Maryann Nwanneka Egwuonwu
  • Jane OKEREKE
    Am interested  in the webiner but am finding it difficult to register
    Recently, Youth restiveness has been a thorn on everyones' flesh. All these is as a result of unemployment. I started PSAC with the vision to inspire and equip Women and Youths with the necessary tools that will help them become self employed and also employers of labour.

    With this in mind, we've been able to train over 3000 Women and Youths since inception.

    I am interested and have registered.
  • Robert Leggett
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