Gender Equality in the Workplace


On 9 November 2016, Empower Women organized the Gender Equality in the Workplace webinar in collaboration with two of Empower Women's 2015-2016 Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment – Monica Stancu and Ilinca Vasiliu

"I wanted us to talk about gender equality in the workplace because a meritocratic working environment where people can achieve their potential and feel valued is good for for both employees and businesses." by Monica Stancu

"After organizing a webinar on women and leadership with Empower Women, Monica and I felt like we should continue the conversation and focus on the broader topic of gender equality in the workplace - a topic that is so often discussed and yet disregarded by so many as a trivial issue. In this day and age, gender equality in the workplace should not continue to be one of our aims as a society. For this reason, I believe it is crucial that we continue to encourage people to advocate for gender equality, which is what we aimed to achieve through our webinar." by Ilinca Vasiliu


Geoffrey Williams , Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion, EMEA, Thomson Reuters

Geoffrey Williams has over 10 years Human Resources experience in Recruitment, Talent Management, OD and Diversity and Inclusion, currently he leads Thomson Reuters D&I agenda across the EMEA region and recently globally launched Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion index. Geoffrey has a diverse career journey starting his working life in the entertainment industry then moving into health care, rail and media.  A co-founder of RockingUrTeens, a social enterprise  that introduces young people to the world of work and aims to connect the teens to a positive and vibrant future. Geoffrey is passionate about his work and changing cultures and inspiring people to be their best. Read more here

Mark Q. McLane, Managing Director Diversity and Inclusion, Barclays PLC

Mark McLane is the Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion for Barclays PLC, a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank. Mr. McLane is responsible for architecting a global diversity and inclusion strategy that will leverage organizational strengths, remain nimble in the every-changing global business climate and enable Barclays to maintain their competitive advantage by driving innovation to its customers.Mr. McLane is a member of the Board of Directors for Business Disability International and additionally holds leadership roles on the Radius advisory board, Women in Recruitment executive committee, OutLeadership leadership committee and GayStar Business advisory board. In 2014 and 15 Mr. McLane was recognized by The Guardian’s global LGBT power list, the Financial Times 100 LGBT business leaders in London and named to the top 50 global Diversity Executives by the Economist. Read more here.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Geoffrey Williams and  Mark McLane

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  • Cynthia Etonge
    In most countries still women are not given managerial posts. But alot of organisations have recognised the importance of women in every society. International Finance Corperation helps empower women in developing countries-not only as consumers but also as employees, entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Clara Ibihya
    Women entrepreneurs contribute to economic growth through employment creation,competitiveness building and social development.Unfortunately,gender disparities are still common,where women dominate the lower end of the spectrum.Lack of adequate gender representation,legal,institutional and cultural barriers,and traditional societal practices often hinder women's participation in business management,leadership and policy making.The growing recognition of their contributions has not translated into significantly improved access to resources or increased decision-making powers.While investing in women is central for sustainable people-centered development, women still face many barriers in influencing development priorities,achieving visibiity and sharing in the the benefits of national resources,.Providing credit,information,services and infrastructure to informal sector would enhance its productuvity,thus supporting women's efforts to maintain their families and provide to farmers,artisans and other producers.A concerted,multi-prolonged effort is therefore needed to promote a stronger role for women and achieve long-term change in their conditions.
  • Emmanuel Emeka
    Women are so much marginalized in the society. If we take a panoramic view in work places, we barely have women as part of decison makers,it is not just because they are not given the opportunity but rather low self-esteem(the notion that this is meant for the Men), which means there is need for capacity building and re-orientation amongst the women folks. In agriculture too, women cannot participate actively especially some part of Nigeria where land is predominantly owned by the men and as well some crops that is known to be cultivated by Men perhaps due to tradition.In Finacial Inclusion aspect, women do not have the confident of assessing credit facility to start or expand their businesses due to lack of collateral or even lack of information of initiatives out there for them to leverage from.
    I also appreciate the speakers.Cheers
  • Karuna Parajuli
    Women are payed less wages than men which is unfair.WE need to speak against such discrimination. In Nepal the right to equal remuneration has be incorporated into the Fundamental rights within the new constitution of Nepal.We are still fighting to make the black and white letters of law alive and workable.  #HerStory #WomenEmpowerment #WEE
  • Betty Mbithi
    Very Inspiring,great speakers
  • Sophie Ngassa
    Thanks for the webinar, the messages were very valuable and inspiring. I love this community.Keep on empowering women.
  • Ana Chkheidze
    Thanks for sharing! Very informative webinar, great speakers!
  • Ijeoma Deborah Egbom Okechukwu
    Wow! Very interesting
  • Irene Lyimo
    We all need 50/50 working enviroment.It is more advantages to have a mixed group of profesionals.
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  • everjoy magwegwe
    A very infomative, full of wise knowledge, empowering Webinar. Yes Yes Yes Empower Women for sustainable development
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Waoo what great source of knowledge.AM very inspired.Thank you to the Empower Women Team.
  • Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers
    That was a very valuable webinar. It was nice to hear how Barclays and Thomson Reuters are dealing with gender equality and diversity in general. Thank you Monica and Ilinca for hosting the webinar.
    • Ilinca Vasiliu
      Thank you for taking the time to listen to our incredible speakers who volunteered to share their experience with us. Make sure to share their good practices with your online and offline community! 
    • Monica Stancu
      Thank you, Snezana! We are so glad that you enjoyed the webinar.
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  • Kipkoech Lewis
    That was a great and encouraging webnar.Women empowerment is the best way to go
  • Vanessa Udeh
    Wow..this webinar was amazing. Women really need to understand their worth. Gender equality in the work place is really an important area. The speakers really did justice to this topic. I believe we will get there soon.
    • Ilinca Vasiliu
      Thank you Vanessa! I'm really glad you enjoyed the webinar. Geoffrey and Mark both outlined key practices and policies that all organisation can adopt and adapt in order to ensure gender equality is achieved in their work place. 
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  • Magdalena Dryka
    It's simple. If women do the same job as men, they should be paid the same.
    We, women, put as much effort into our education, growth and development as men do. No one gave us a "discount" when we were working toward our degrees. Why should we be paid less based on the gender?
  • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
    There is no tool of development more efficient than the empowerment of women. 
  • Angel Ndlovu
    Image result for powerful quotes on women empowerment
  • Alaeddine Oueslati
    Equal wages will make women do better and therefore contribute to economic growth, yes that's true. However, we need equal wages because I see no reason why men should be paid more, logically, naturally, reasonably, it is just wrong and unfair. So yes for equality, first because it is the right thing to do, alternatives would be unvalid. Second, because it will lead to more economic growth. 
    • Ilinca Vasiliu
      It always helps to set out the business case for gender equality! Check out the UN Secretary General's High Level Panel on Women's Economic Empowerment report (and consultation - they had one in London and I'm pretty sure you can find materials on here) if you are interested in how women's economic empowerment will actually help countries' overall GDP. 
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  • evans ouma
    Women bare the most work and duties in any place
    Take a look at how many steps a woman makes in any workplace or home and compare that to the steps a man makes, that's when we will realise that gender equality in workplace in very important 
    • Odunola Oladejo
      Gender equality is important in any workplace.
      When women do better, it will lead to economic growth.
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  • Odunola Oladejo
    Men around the world should be involved in women's equality and leadership. Men should assist women in order to enable both gender have equal and great opportunities in workplaces and in the society at large.
  • Elnah Naledi Ndebele
    Wow Webinar is the best. He for She cmpaign is what we need in africa, to raise an awareness for woman 2 arise and be bold in the market place, pushing the boundary. Looking forward to more Webinar sessions.
  • Napogadi Morethe
    This is a very interesting listen. Indewed women empowerment is an important tool and criteria to be considered. I am excited about listening in to more webinars about women empowerment .
  • Catherine Sealys
    This webinar is amazing, we always appreciate new information and education, in Saint Lucia women issues are not on the front burner, because it does not bring in money but if women were empowered and included we would realize amazing results.
  • Vitumbiko Chikapa
    This is a very good place for one to acquire more knowledge on how to turn around the issue of women and the economy because in most countries (including mine Malawi) women look down upon themselves in a sense that they feel they can not look after their families. So personally I feel I will be able to learn from other people's success stories and tru to apply same to simiklar situations in my country. All is possible 
  • evans kimathi
    i am a kenya,and i believe this the perfect time we have to change the world of women..i feel honoured being part of this movement
    • Lizcasty Mwaniki
      Thank you for being a champion for women! Other Kenyan men should learn from you.
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  • Jean Bilo
    I believe that is an interesting program to strenghen women's capability as economic development agents in the Republic Democratic of the Congo. In context of economic crisis and poverty that the country is presently experiencing, women are the one who struggle to support their household with very low-income coming from informal businesses and agriculture activities. Accordingly, women's efforts should be empowered to increase their income and their contribution to the GDP, and eventually reduce the poverty as well. I expect to learn more from different participants and eventually use their experience in our organization to empower women's economic development.
    Iam intrested in been a part of this project.Women empwerment will contribute to about %10 of Nigerias GDP growth.Iam working on a project on good governance and human capital development as catalyst for economic growth and development LIKE
  • Ricardo Pacha
    lMi participacion en el seminario con los 2 mejores campeones y sus trayectoria sera muy importante para aprender, hay que aprender de los mejores.
    yo soy un libro abierto y todos los dias estoy dispuesto a aprender , cada dia es una nueva experiencia.
    la cretividad , la inovacion son parte de mis pricipales valores 
  • Brooke Bennett
    Looking forward to this!
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