Timeless Conference 2016

In 2015 Timeless Conference focused on “HEALING HEELS” … transforming mindsets, attitudes and destroying limiting belief patterns to move into a limitless thought pattern with a positive mindset and attitude for optimization of potential and resources for women.

In 2016, Timeless Conference will take the conversation higher as it dialogues on what we must now DO if Africa is going to achieve exponential socio-economic growth. The theme “TAKING THE STEP” will challenge the women of Africa to take a step to shift the status quo and begin to realize tangible impact in all areas pertinent to social and economic transformation of Africa. The conference will look at the key drivers of social and economic changes and discuss the roles of various stakeholders in building sustainable change.  

2016 Timeless Conference shall be used as an opportunity to share great initiatives/ innovations/ interventions and programmes that create social and economic impacts in the lives of women in Africa. These initiatives should be replicable and shared on a wider scale.  These will be shared in a market place at the conference with global participants who shall include business leaders, development partners, governments, civil society, the private sector players and other players in the economy. They shall be initiatives with evidenced impact in the countries of operations. The market place shall provide a space for all selected interventions to be profiled by way of a knowledge product and a booth to share what has worked or what is working and why. Three best initiatives shall be selected for awards and oral presentation at the market place. This is an opportunity for the region to link to potential partners, governments, donors and development agencies and convince them that we do real initiatives that are replicable in certain contexts.   

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  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Women in Africa need to be heard. As a woman with a disability I think women with disabilities should also be given the opportunity to 'TAKE A STEP' for effective participation and full inclusion. Sustainable development can not be completely achieve if the needs of persons with disabilities are not met, especially women with disabilities whose gender marginalizes them and the marginalization is doubled by their disability. If these women with disabilities are not empowered, they will remain a liability to the economy of their country.
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Wow what a great opportunity
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