Webinar: Parentsmart Employers


On 25 October Empower Women organized a webinar on valuing parenthood to retain good talent. In this webinar, Tiina Bruno, a Swedish mother and international lecturer presented a concrete model for showing the employer value with parenthood.

Participants learned that parenthood is an amazing management course everywhere in the world. Bruno’s mindset and model adds value for both individuals, companies and societies wanting to be attractive, gender equal and sustainable - using ALL competence available. 

Miss the webinar? Please listen and watch the recording here:

The initiative Parentsmart Employers is founded and run by Tiina Bruno in Sweden - mother of three children, economist, management consultant, international lecturer and author of the "Parentsmart handbook for managers and employees" (in Swedish, under translation into English, Japanese and Russian).  Tiina is often referred to as a though leader and norm-breaker, presenting a new perspective on the combination of work with family-life for more gender equality and profitability in companies.

She is participating in international conferences, as a Swedish expert in the area, and is involved in an international exchange of experience in different ways - for all societies to speed up the development by learning from each other. 

Read Tiina's blog "How Employers Can Profit from Their Investment in Parents".

Contact Tiina here. Find more about Tiina's work here.

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  • Sayeeda Ashraf
    Hi There,
    Can you please register me for the upcoming webinar by Tina Bruno on 25th October 2016.
    Many thanks
    • Diana Rusu
      Dear Sayeeda, 
      To register you need to include your email. Simple click here https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5606011044974800131 and add your name, surname and email and your will receive a message will all the details to connect. 
      Hope this is helpful,
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