Women Leaders Changing the Workplace


On 26 August 2016, Empower Women organized the Women Leaders Changing the Workplace webinar in collaboration with two of Empower Women's 2015-2016 Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment – Monica Stancu and Ilinca Vasiliu. They are two very active and dedicated young women who have recognized the importance of being economically empowered and wanted to share from their experience, and activate change in their community. 

Investing in young women's leadership is key to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. It is essential to preparing them for the 21st century job market. Empower Women is working to systematize your online learning opportunities (stay tuned over the course of Fall 2016).

During the webinar, Kristen Pressner, Global Head of Human Resources for Roche Diagnostics, inspirational female leader and advocate of women in leadership presented her thoughts on this topic. She engaged in a discussion with the webinar participants.

"Every one of us is here for a reason and if you do not not fulfill your fullest potential, you are holding back from the world something that it is OWED. By being in leadership where decisions are made, you can influence and make the world a better place. One of the best ways to gain confidence…is to do something scary.. and be successful. What long term impact do you want to have on the world?" - Kristen Pressner



"I wanted us to develop this webinar on women, leadership and the workplace because I am passionate about linking business success with social progress. Feminist theories and human rights concepts should not only be discussed in academic circles or at the UN, but they should be part of the DNA of every organization because when women succeed, the organization and the community succeed as well." - Monica Stancu

"I personally became passionate about women in leadership positions after discovering that many of them were reluctant to accept positions in leadership. When I would ask them “What is holding you back?” a lot of them would respond “I don’t want to take on the extra responsibility.” What I found striking was the fact that many of these women were already doing the tasks required of leaders in their fields, but without the financial benefits. I believe that in order to increase the number of women in leaderships roles it is essential to change their perspective of leadership. I think that Kristen is the perfect example of a successful woman leader whose story could help positively influence women’s perception of leadership. Her vast knowledge on this topic coupled with her practical advice have truly helped and motivated me to successfully overcome challenges and pursue leadership roles." - Ilinca Vasiliu

Kristen’s presentation is available here.



Kristen Pressner is Global Head of Human Resources for Roche Diagnostics and is based in Basel, Switzerland. She supports nearly 35,000 employees across more than 150 countries worldwide. With nearly 90,000 employees globally, Roche is the world’s largest biotech company.

Kristen is passionate about bringing out the best in people and is in the unique position to provide pragmatic and honest insights as someone:

• Who is passionate about diversity as a business driver

• Who can provide perspective from ‘behind the curtain of HR’ and with an eye toward the broader global environment

• And finally, as someone who knows the subject of "Women in Leadership" from the perspective of a ‘real’ woman executive herself and, as the mother of 4 children

Kristen’s keynote addresses and podcasts are truly inspirational and have triggered Kristen’s recognition as an important voice on the topic of Women in Leadership.


9:00 am EDT.

Organizing team:

Event organized in collaboration with Monica Stancu and Ilinca Vasiliu, 2015-2016 Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Photo credit: Courtesy of Kristen Pressner

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    Great initiative! Our movement Poder Rosa is working with the same goal in Brazil.
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      Hi Gloria, maybe you can share more about Poder Rosa with our community via an article or a blog piece. 
    • Monica Stancu
      Thank you, Rosa! Keep us posted about your Poder Rosa movement!
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