2016 Tech4Dev Conference

Technological innovation is vital to address global challenges such as climate change, pollution, disease, rising inequalities, and chronic poverty. We need renewable energy sources, efficient transport networks, effective public health systems, well-designed infrastructure, improved agricultural systems, and access to quality education for everyone.

Developing and emerging countries can take advantage of technological leapfrogging in key domains such as health, energy, education, and urban development. Moreover, the Global South is expected to play an increasingly important role in technological innovation, and many solutions developed in developing and emerging countries will influence offerings in the Global North. Innovation models such as living labs, open source, and open innovation will continue to support the emergence of global innovation networks and accelerate the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions.

The increasing complexity and number of protracted crises has led humanitarian actors to broaden their operations to address the longer-term effects of war in addition to providing short-term, emergency aid to individuals. Against this backdrop, and with the boundaries between humanitarian action and development becoming increasingly blurred, the Tech4Dev 2016 Conference will highlight innovative technologies that are currently being used to address humanitarian challenges.

Discussion Platform

In order to accelerate innovation and maximize its positive social impact, stakeholders from different disciplines need a platform to exchange and discuss their ideas and experiences. The Tech4Dev Conference provides a critical platform for knowledge exchange, enabling researchers to present their findings and practitioners to outline their needs and insights, while relating their experiences from the field. At Tech4Dev, social entrepreneurs, industry, and policy makers can deepen their knowledge, learn about cutting-edge research and projects, and brainstorm together about new approaches to technology innovation and dissemination for development.

Core Thematic Areas

Submissions for sessions, events, and papers should emphasize the value of technological innovation while also acknowledging the limits of technology in generating inclusive social and economic development. Tech4Dev 2016 welcomes, in particular, proposals to organize sessions and events with creative formats and innovative approaches to generating discussion.

  1. Technologies for Humanitarian Action
  2. Medical Technologies
  3. Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction
  4. Technologies for Sustainable Access to Energy
  5. ICT for Development
  6. Technologies for Sustainable Habitat and Cities

Sessions in all six thematic areas are expected to cover one or more of the following cross-cutting issues:

  • Gender and technology in development
  • Open source approach to technology for development
  • Experiences from living-labs, hackathons, and hands on models for engagement
  • The internet of things for development
  • Lessons in scaling businesses by technology for development entrepreneurs
  • Public-private partnerships to advance technology for development

For more information please visit the 2016 Tech4Dev website.

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    I want to be a Speaker at this conference. Please, send me details about it! Kassoum Coulibaly UN Women Global Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment 2015 - 2016 www.empowerwomen.org - www.unwomen.org Phone Mali :+223 67711167 - Phone South Africa : +27 764276446 Email : c.kassoum@gmail.com - Skype : c.kassoum - Twitter : @KCoulibaly
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