Skills development: Negotiation is everyone's game

Negotiation-expert Natalie Reynolds delivers a 1-hour presentation to the Empower Women community on how to improve women’s negotiation skills. She discuss why negotiation is everyone’s game and why it matters in both women’s professional and personal lives. Natalie talks about everyday negotiations – the little things that we have to negotiate on a daily basis. She also explains the six common gender stereotypes when it comes to negotiation, and suggests how women can avoid and overcome them. Natalie shares top tips for women to get the best results at the negotiation table.

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Natalie Reynolds is the Founder and MD of advantageSPRING, a specialist negotiation training company working with high profile clients including the BBC, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Verizon to boost negotiation confidence and expertise. A recognized thought leader on the topic of negotiation, with articles in the Financial Times, Forbes, Guardian, and Huffington Post. She has a particular interest in the role that gender can play in negotiations. She has spoken in a number of conferences on the topic. Natalie believes that anyone can learn to be an amazing negotiator.

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  • Thanks for the webinar!, unfortunately "politics" and their games are everywhere..... even in science!. The art of negotiation is a skill we should master and a "must" for sucess in all different careers. Please keep sharing these useful sessions!
  • Pooja Lama
    Thank you for the presentation. The tips that are here are useful for both men and women in negotiations whether in professional or personal life. With time, situation and some training, everyone can be good at negotiating.
  • Tazeen Dhanani
    Thank you for the helpful presentation! It's encouraging to see that women can use their natural strengths and abilities - mainly of compassion, empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence - to work in their favor when it comes to negotiations. Negotiation is an art and a learned skill, and the more we practice, the better and more effective we will be.
  • Jibek Ibraeva
    Thanks for the presentation! Very interesting!
  • Heeshma Chhatralia
    This is captivating. Thank you for sharing the presentation.
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