Contest: Win a Free Online Language Course of Your Choice

Rosetta Stone has offered Empower Women 10 language licenses free of charge for its registered members. We are now launching a contest to ensure that these licenses are given to its most motivated members. As such, you have the chance to win a Rosetta Stone language course license in a language of your choice valid until June 2016. Learn more about the contest here.

Why language courses?

For women’s entrepreneurs: Globalization has made entrepreneurship a viable and attractive option for many women and men with innovative business ideas. However, at the same time, it has placed a heavy demand on their diverse language skills. For example, knowing English and other globally-used languages can help further business relations and partnerships and accessing industry-specific information. It can open the doors to prospective clients, deals and opportunities, and enable entrepreneurs to be more sociable with their business partners, consumers and employers.

For employees: Whether you are a young or experienced professional, knowing a foreign language can open up new job opportunities, careers, promotions and special recognition. It can potentially also increase your performance and productivity, improve your communication with customers and partners and allow you to better contribute to your work place.

For students: Learning a new language provides a new perspective and allows students to see their education through a more globalized lens and enhance their learning process. Individuals who are bilingual also have greater employment opportunities and can better engage in global networking.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or a student - as a registered member of Empower Women, you will have the opportunity to engage and connect with likeminded members through Empower Women forthcoming Arabic, French and Spanish language versions. This will enable you to take actions for women’s economic empowerment in a wider range of countries and regions..

What are the steps to apply?

(1)   Send a motivation piece, submitted either in writing (around 200 words) or through a video message (1-2 min) emphasizing your motivation and need to learn an additional languages and how it will help you to develop your business, get a job or to move up the career ladder.

(2)   Submit a brief essay (500-1,000 words) on the topic Women, education and empowerment, explaining a challenge you have been faced by not knowing a foreign language, and/or the opportunity it represents for women's economic empowerment".

Rules of the contest:

Eligible contestants are required to be a registered member of Empower Women.

Your essay…

  • Must focus on the topic mentioned above.
  • Must be your original work.
  • Can be no longer than 1,000 words, and no shorter than 500 words.
  • Can be in either Arabic, English, French or Spanish.
  • Must be written in first person (I or we).
  • Cannot be published elsewhere.
  • Must be non-fiction and follow the form of a blog, memoir or essay. This means that we want real stories about real life from you.

The essay will be published as a blog on Empower Women so by submitting your essay, you agree to have it published and accessible for viewing by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

The selection process

The applications will be evaluated as follows:

  • Empower Women Team Members will read every single essay to create a short list of essay finalists based on the criteria list above.
  • The Contest Committee will then review the short list and rate them on the basis of the following criteria:
    • Original voice
    • Unique style
    • Fresh point of view
    • Creativity
    • Descriptive language
    • "Realness" of your story. Write from your heart!
    • Interesting ideas
    • Valuable content and/or research incorporated into the essay
    • Clear presentment of the topic
    • Peer impact
    • Spelling/Grammar
    • Strong writing and analysis skills
  • On 15 November, we will announce the 10 winners of the free language course licenses.

How to submit:

Please email your submission with (i) the motivation piece or link to the video, (ii) the essay, and (iii) your contact email to: with subject “Rosetta Stone Contest”.

Please remember to indicate your full name, country of origin and contact information on all material submitted.

Deadline: 30 October 2015 

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  • Anna Falth
    Dear Members, The list of winners is available here: Congratulations to the 25 winners! Anna
  • doaa shendy
    did they announce names of the winner?
  • Teresa Abila
    This has been my hope for long to learn a second language. I did share this opportunity with my network. Thank you Rosetta Stone for this chance.
  • Alysia Silberg
    I've been dying to learning Chinese forever, so thank-you for making this opportunity available to us!
  • Alysia Silberg
    I've been dying to learning Chinese forever, so thank-you for making this opportunity available to us!
  • somaia ahmed
    انا سعيد ومتتنة للفرصة دي من زمان طول الوقت بيبقى نفسي اطور نفسي وبتقف دايما العقبة قدامي في موضوع اللغة شكرا empower woman على الفرصة دي
  • Chinyere Funmilola Dike
    Thanks to Rosetta Stone for the wonderful opportunity provided. Its a welcome development. I will post this contest on my Blog,
  • Fatima Eltayeb
    It is a nice chance for me to learn a new language , that can help me in my work.
  • Kipkoech Lewis
    I have come to realize the importance of learning a new language it enables one to move across the globe with ease in interacting with the rest of the world
  • Ruth James
    I have always loved to learn french being one of the most spoken language in the world. This will enable me to reach out to more people globally
  • Ruth James
    It has always been my dream to learn french as a language. English and french are the widely spoken languages in the world particularly in Africa. It is a good tool to spread the word as I empower other women.
  • Ruth James
    It has always been my dream to learn french as a language. English and french are the widely spoken languages in the world particularly in Africa. It is a good tool to spread the word as I empower other women.
  • Samina KhushiOWO
    Is this only for Arabic, French and Spanish languages? but i want to learn English should i apply?
  • Lolita Taub
    This is a phenomenal opportunity! Rosetta is kind to provide this contest! I will share this with my social networks!
  • Charmi R
    “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein Learning a new language opens so many doors - access to new cultures, countries and people. All the best to all the participants. Kudos to the Empower Women team for presenting this amazing opportunity :)
  • Jacklyne Cheruiyot
    Acquiring another language has always been my dream. This is an opportunity worth trying. I also urge my fellow women and men to try their luck here. Having a second language helps in many ways in our pursuance for sustainable development in all aspects of human development across continents.
  • Mohammad Shariful Alam
    It's a good personal development tools for advocates. http:/
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