Success Stories under the EU-Canada Comprehensive Trade Agreement

The EU-Canada Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA) was designed to help create jobs, strengthen economic relations and boost trade. Since CETA entered into force provisionally on 21 September 2017 there has been an increase in goods and services trade between Canada and the European Union. This webinar examined how women can continue to partake of the economic opportunities provided by CETA.

On 4 December 2018, the WE EMPOWER Team convened a webinar on this topic. Please check the below recording. 




Please join us to continue this conversation about women’s stories of success through CETA. The e-discussions will be active 5 - 15 December 2018  and everyone is welcome to participate.


We invite you to contribute to this discussion and solutions exchange by telling us:

  1. How has CETA has positively impacted your business?
  2. What support do women need to take advantage of export opportunities opened up through CETA? Are there some ongoing initiatives that have been very helpful in supporting women export through CETA?

When contributing to the discussions, please indicate which question you are referring to by marking A1 or A2 (answer 1 or 2) before your comment.


The discussion will be moderated by Stephanie Dei, WE EMPOWER National Coordinator, Canada



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  • Stephanie Dei
    Hello! Hello!! What a great webinar learning about how CETA is creating opportuntities to grow businesses. Have you exported to EU/Canada since CETA? Are you considering exporting to new markets in Europe/Canada?? How can we help? We want to hear from you!!
    • TAMASANG Nadege Ngewie
      Hello, i am glad to jion thi forum. i have never exported to Canada, but i am a skilled worker looking for career opportunities in finance related areas. recently graduate with an MBA in Global Financial Services at Coventry University in London and having the drive to engage in internships opportunity, work placements, and paticipates in forums to help, encourage and motivate the community at large. thank you
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