Why do women find it difficult to succeed in business when starting from scratch?

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Why do women find it difficult to succeed in business when starting from scratch? What are the business challenges women entrepreneurs face especially in Africa? How do you overcome these challenges?
  • caroline nyakeri

    Women largely lack access to business capital and adequate skills both managerial and vocational. Capital is mainly raised through previous jobs and inheritance in which both cases women have been disadvantaged in Africa as such. Being mostly casual laborers, their networking opportunities are limited reducing their confidence in business.

    My added opinion to Kareen’s in overcoming this would be to continue with the push on equal education followed by equal employment opportunities so as to build, capital, skills, confidence and relevant networks. Successful business women should stand out as role models to give confidence as most women are averse to financial risks shying away from taking the leap of faith.  

  • kareen atejoh
    Hi I am really excited to talk about this because I am passionate about entrepreneurship and women empowerment. I think some of the challenges that women entrepreneurs face is access to capital. They do not have the means to get the capital required to turn their idea into a business. ALso, they also face the challenge of financing. Getting loans from financial institutions is a major challenge especially to women in Africa.
    My proposals to solve these challenges are:
    - Training sessions should be organised to equip these women with the skills required to run a business from scratch. I know people who started businesses with little or no capital. I think if we receive training, many of us will start businesses without capital.
    - Also, women entrepreneurs should be taught financial management skills. Most of us cannot get loans from the bank because we do not have good financial records to present to the financial institutions. Thus with the relevant training, we will be able to keep and present financial records to facilitate the granting of loans.
    Most importantly, we should have the fighting spirit. Nothing good comes easy. Some people easily give up after 1 or 2 failures. We have to try and try and try till we succeed.
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