Should women be given days off during their periods from work? what's your take on this?

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  • Nowadays we have measures to curb mentrual pain and the like, in reference to this, i dont think women should be given days off. Productivity must continue. 
  • Renu Ghimire
    It depends on the individual woman and her health condition during the menstruation cycle. 
  • claudia rivas
    I think women should not be given days off if their menstrual cycle is normal without any health problem.

    In my case i took a pill for any pain, so i think nowadays there are solutions. 
  • Heanneah .S. Farwenee
    Quite interesting. I do not think women should be given days off during this time except in cases where there is severe medical problem or a woman menses mess her up unknown to her then she can be given the day to go home and change up. Other than that, it is a normal thing that shouldn't exclude women from daily activities.
  • Grace Pisirai
    Hahahahahahaha Ogbeyalu, this is very interesting.

    Personally i do not think menstruation should disrupt normal day to day activities, unless one experiences Dysmenorrhea or other complications of which then you will be sick. Menstruation is  a normal biological process, a  sign of good health too for womens health

    Another thing that makes your topic very interesting is i have read countless discussions and articles on women from other regions who are forced  not  to participate in societal activities because of menstruation and we have at many times ruled out the practise as unfair............

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