I was called feminazi

Hi peers and champions.

I went to a workshop of empower women and to present my project, and I was called feminazi by one of the kids of the secundary school.

In general, they were resistant to the topic. They asked why there is not United Nations Men or Empower Men or International Day of Men.

What to do in this cases?

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  • Helvecia Takwe
    Hi Veronica, in the process of empowering women or girls we don't leave out men or boys we should let our boys understand this. These boys will support the girls and women to bring out the potentials in them and let the boys understand that our focus on women and girls is just to close the existing gap rather than exclusion as they may think. It is quiet a sensitive issue as pointed out by Annah B.
  • Annah Bengesai
    This is a very sensitive topic and I think the first thing to do when you address both men and women / boys and girls is to demonstrate that the issues at stake are not about women per se, but about humanity and how briding that gap  created by past inequalities is not a neglect of the male child. what we want is to empwer both girls and boys, so boys can be aware of their priviledge withot shoving it down their throat and girls can be emperwed to bridge the gaps.
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