Hello people, What are the benefits of employing females in an organisation? Do you think is beneficial only to the immediate family or the society as a whole? Do you think it would encourage other male dominated organisations or positions to allow well qualified women take up the role for a change?
I believe it is good for development both economically and within the community. An organisation with diversity is more beneficiial to the society and helps close the gender gap, creates employment, reduces gender based violence and gender discrimination in the work place and increases a country's GDP. 
  • Adekemi Adeduntan
    Well said, employing women in any sector of the economy has a multiplier effect on the economy in that she will also be able to contribute to the growth of the economy and this lends credence to the saying that when u empower a woman, you empower the nation.
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    It is very good at all levels and dimensions.It improve on family income, improve on the economic income as well,makes then gender policy of an organization effectively implemented. Nutrition and health is more guaranteed for all family members
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