• Ogbeyalu Okoye
    Yes i quite agree. We should encourage young girls and women to go for their skills and passion regardless of how the society views it as a male profession. Creating the much needed awaereness from an early age helps develop the self confidence one needs to succeed.
  • Annah Bengesai
    However, self confidence should be realistic- and based on action and not just words. Often we throw that word to hide our insecurities. My advise is be truthful about what you are good and what you lack. True confidence is also built on action- and if you are aware of your limitations- you will work hard towards overcoming them. 

    In other words, as we try to build our and each other's confidence- let us be honest- with ourselves, our mentees or subordinates about the strenths and limitations- build on the strentgs and work on the limitations
  • Glory Nthakomwa
    Self confidence is really a key to success. This is because when one is confident, the stay focused on be it their goals or dreams. They do not become easily shaken by the negative opposition surrounding them because all they focus on is that which is in them that no one else can understand or interpret given an opportunity to do so. Thank you Agness for this discussion. It has just stirred up more confidence in me.
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Well said Agnes.as a woman with a disability, I am very assertive and full of confidence.This has made me to stand out as a role model to my peers and other women with disabilities in my community.
    • Glory Nthakomwa
      This is quite remarkable. I like your spirit Veronica. So inspiring
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