Depression is REAL

I just lost my neighbour three days ago, the pain that l am having, l could see that there was something bothering her. We would have occasional chats here and there, she would ask me how my studies are going, work and all, l would just ask her how her kids were doing. I was not sure what her job was, but l knew she worked. From the moments that we spoke l could tell there was something bothering this woman, despite her trying ng to cover it all, with a smile and being happy. MY SIXTH SENSE is never wrong.

As a woman l think l failed another woman who was just right next to me, l could have reached out. As we were told about her death, l had to ask what happened and l learnt that she just collapsed when she was with her daughter and that she had depression.

As a black person, we always hear that there is no depression or bipolar or these disorders it's just evil spirits and all. These things are real, and amongst us, we have people who are struggling. We have people who need us, empowering each other comes from knowing that your neighbour is well, we are living in a world where we do not reach out to people who really want our help, just because we are scared of being labelled as nosey. 

The more we talk about our daily challenges to each other, the more we save each other, your struggle might be way too much until you hear the next person's challenges. From then on we can help each other, find solutions. If my friend or neighbour is juggling two or more jobs and she has to leave her kids at aftercare with money that she does not have if l can look after the kids for a few hours before she comes l would have saved her from thinking about money and the safety of her kids.

I am really in pain, l wish l had reached out the moment l sensed there was something not so well. As empowering people, let us be there for others who are trying to find their way through their struggles. Empowering each other starts from the basics, reaching out to one another, because we do not know what each one of us is going through. Bipolar and depression are real. Let's help one another

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  • Tinuola Aina
    Such a sad story. Depression is real and quite a number of youths, young women as well, are committing suicides these days. 

    More empathy to friends, colleagues and people we interact with could go a long way in solving a problem or rendering help to the hopeless. 
  • So true ladies, you have no idea how it is really getting into me.... How we ignore some of these things just because we are so busy with our lives, we forget about teh most important aspect taht is the Human Affection, the How ARE YOU (In the true sense not  just for formality). I have come across some people who when you tell them you are Ok or fine, they will actually say, are you saying it for the sake of saying it or do you mean it. It starts from there, it starts from the basics, it is not about trying to be nosey but it is about reaching out, because this is a reality. We are all depressed at some point in our lives, school, work, families, kids, work, relationships, finances but how do we handle all those things.

    Some people think this is a foreign disease, it is not foreign it is real. I hope as a plartform we can learn from my mistake, and reach out to someone out there and save a life....
  • caroline nyakeri
    How sadly true Privilege. Depression is a very silent killer today and is now beginning to manifest in children due to the modern day rat race. We all need to sometimes sit back and allocate physical social time with each other within the family settings, neighbourhoods, schools and even at work to really talk. We are sinking fast into virtual connections through social media and losing the human touch which actually helps in mental health.
    Yes, we do need to empower each other emotionally too. 
  • Glory Nthakomwa
    This is so touching Privilege
  • Raaheeda Abraham
    Depression is real in all races and cultures. I was in a state of depression for most of my life until a few years ago when I decided to change my postion to fight out of a disastrous marriage and still working to become financially independent. It is a difficult road but I agree, we must be vigilant in recognising others in simlar or worse situations and help lift them up and not to see a result as you have. Recognising your potential as a woman and helping other woman is a positive step. I guess as woman we all feel the pain you do to. 
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