• Uzoma Katchy
    Women need to stand up to their rights. No one will do it for them.
  • Elvira Che Atehwah
    Hello Danayi,

    I thinks so many women know they are underpaid but are scared of voicing it out because they don't want to lose their jobs especially in developing countries where there is high unemployment. I spoke with a friend one week ago who is offering a freelance accounting service for a company to ask for more pay because what she receives as pay is beyond what the previous male accountant received and she told me she don't want to be jobless. In as much as I understand that bargaining for a particular pay package is at individual levels, also I think women act vulnerable at jobs which makes employees to take advantage of them. We need to encourage more women to sell their skills at the appropriate prices to help close this unequal pay issue. 

  • Heanneah .S. Farwenee
    It keeps occuring and this is alarming thus giving rise to violence against women.
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