The Role Of Women In Information Technology

The world is becoming a much better place with advance in technology and  the role of women can never be over emphasize in the world growth today, women played  important roles in Information technolog sector, but the ratio of men compared to that of women in this sector is probabely 80-20%.

With that percentage, women need to set their  focus into acheiving more in this sector.we seek more women to work in this sector. Women have to prove that gender equality in Information technology is a must.

There are several women in the information technology sector that work in groups, examples are the Django girls, Python women and the Andela girls etc. We seek women that can shape our technology world. We want women to emulate the likes of Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates and make their marks exacly like these men

Though it is a known fact that coding really takes a lot of patiences,time, energy and focus in understanding, but these must not lead to us shutting our doors but should motivate us in putting our extensive hands on training . Women need to show that there is no sector they can't work with. The world at large need to encourage more women to work in this sector.

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