Religion Vs Cultural Practices against Women

I always believed that women in Islam were actually oppressed, and were not entitled to equal rights to men due to perhaps the religion's practices and this is what i had been hearing for years from self-claimed scholars and just from people in general. When I started writing my third book which revolves around the life of a few Muslim women, I started educating myself about women in Islam. With months of research, and sleepless nights I came to know that cultural practices are actually being used against women instead of Islamic practices which gives both genders equal rights. Now that I have a good knowledge in this area, I have started getting my voice out in the community. I want to be able to educate people and inspire women to stand up for their rights and have their voices heard. During my childhood and teen years, I attended many Islamic occasions where a scholar made wrong statements against women, which contributed to cultural practices against women, and the audience took it on board, accepting these as factual. This is quite disappointing that people don’t study this crucial area of Islam rather hear it from someone else. With my voice I want to ask people to study the religion rather than opposing other people’s statements against their women.  I believe education is the key solution towards the barriers of gender equality.

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  • Rathi Rajasekaran
    Well written Wida! And you are right, creating awareness is the key.
  • Nafisa Ferdous
    You are absolutely right. In my country, I also hear some *religious* men telling others about some absurd made up laws about women which are no where close to the actual facts, yet the listeners listen to him and agree! This is very dangerous. These men without having proper knowledge are influencing other men into doing and believing in wrong. These ignorant men need to be educated. This applies for women too. If they are not aware of the rights their belief offers, they cannot stand up to these bigots.
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    That is correct. People are ignorant of this. As you said the right step to take is to educate in order to wipe out this preconceived notion.
  • Glory Nthakomwa
    well spoken Wida
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