My first cousins both living in Nigeria died during child birth and preventable diseases. One was 42years, a mother of three children all under the age of 10 died of malaria which is a preventable disease. The other 32yrs also a mother of two kids both under the age of six died during childbirth. I believe every citizen especially pregnant women and children should be given free access to medical care by their government. People in poor and developing countries tend to have no access or little to health care services which puts more mothers and children at risk. NGOs around the world are contributing so much to the health of women and children around the world. There are still the hard to reach places because of lack of access to good roads and electricity. also lack of proper education,lack of health teachers also pose a risk. We as individuals need to work with local authorities in our communities to create awareness of the dangers and health issues which if left untreated could lead to death.

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  • Elvira Che Atehwah
    Hello Okoye,

    Your country Nigerian is not very different from mine (Cameroon). Every day we have women and girls die of preventable diseases. The worse I have ever seen in my life is where a woman pregnant with twins died with her babies in front of a hospital in Cameroon, because she could not pay her bills.

    We can complain about these things for a life time and they will never change but if we get into the policy making positions then we will be that change we want. We have to encourage more women to get into politics and be part of the system to make decisions that favors our wellbeing and that of every other person

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