Dear Global champions and members,
what were the challenges faced when working in your local community or    With diverse groups? And how do you think these challenges can be overcome? I worked with migrant women from diverse backgrounds basically religion played a major role, culture was also a challenge. My question is how can we work around religion and culture to achieve a positive Change and empower women? Thank you.

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  • Grace Pisirai
    Hello Ogbeyalu

    Very interesting topic.
    Religion/ faith is a very important element to identity and culture of many different people and many at times barriers to women's rights and well being have been exerted in the name of religion or culture or tradition for there is a lot of religious influence on access to health care and facilities, use of contraceptives, female genital mutilation,girl child marriages to mention a few.

     Adherents of any religion usually place a lot of trust on their religious leaders, looking to them for guidance in may aspects of life. Hence, to achieve a positive change and empowerment of women, there is need to engage religious leaders in gender equality and women empowerment so they can also take to the pulpit and deliver to their followers faith based education for gender justice and women empowerment.
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