I enjoyed and was super excited about my role as a change maker in my community. The tenure really gave me the priviedge to discover great potentials and abilities in me. I received lots of support from individuals and corporate organisations to carry out my championship projects and promote the concept of #WEE.
For me, April 10, 2017 only ends my tenure as 2016-2017 Champion for Change. It will not end my role as a  global change maker. I will not relent. I will continue to advocate for #WEE. 

What about you?

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  • Mwabi Moyo
    The Global championship program has helped me alot. before I becoma a champion I had the desire to impact lives, but I didn't know where and how to start. being a champion gave me the platform to do what I enjoy most. Empowering women and Girls.

    Just as the rest of you have pointed out,  i have also purposed it in my heart that April is not the end of everything, am ready to do more. Its a life time thing. empowering women in my community. #There is no turning back!!!!!!!  
  • Tinuola Aina
    Empower Women gave me a great platform to impact my community. However, being a champion for change does not end today, it is a continuous drive. There are so much going on around us; more awareness needs to be created on ending violence aganinst women and girls, more programmes need to be created to empower women economically, girls have to be encouraged on the benefits of enrolling into STEM courses... The list goes on.

    As champions, we have a mandate to ensure that there is a shift in perspectice and the changes we so desire occur, as well as increasing the drive in attainment of some of the SDGs.
    it was indeed a great opportunity to serve and will do more for my community and the world,happy to be a part of this!!!
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