When being strong is the only option

After seeing so many women going through pain, challenges, failures, heartbreaks, have lost everything, l have seen quite a number getting up. We all face so many challenges in our lives, we get to that point when we are just done, we have given our all, for what, it's all losses. Many women have raised their children alone, and they have done it exceptionally well. Many women have been left alone, pregnant, infected with HIV, they have contemplated suicide. Some have been living a life as the other woman for years either knowingly or not. Many women have lost it all, one moment you have it all, the next you have nothing. It all goes back then how are you going to get out of that misery, are you going to have a pity party, are you going to give up and die, are you going to talk to someone or are you going to allow yourself to cry for a few days then after that you say this is enough l am done l have to move on. 

As women though labelled weak, there is a time when we just have to be strong, strong for each other, strong for the goodness of our future, for the sake of other women. I was watching "HOW TO OVERCOME STRUGGLES IN LIFE" with Tiffaney Malott and she mentioned that one should not feel sorry for yourself, from both professionally and in your personal life. She has gone through some losses from losing her mother, sister and a husband,  we should embrace the pain, go through it and then when you get to the other side you look back and be like wow l made it. That is what being strong is all about and that is the only option that at times we need to get past through any loses any challenges and whatever pain we are going through. 

If that man that has been kicking you, making you his punching bag had not left you, you would not have enrolled for that diploma you had always wanted and he kept you from not pursuing it because of his insecurities. He left you because you had to move on to better things, you had to focus on important things, not being scared of what he would do when he comes. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, it will not get you anywhere. 

As women let us use our life challenges and the pain that we have gone through to motivate other women. You might be wishing to be like the woman next door to you, but until you hear what she has gone through that when you will understand. Do not compare your chapter 1 with someone else's chapter 5, you do not know what they went through. The comparison is a thief of all joy, wait till you hear her loses her pains, what she went through. At the end of the day what does not kill you only makes you stronger. The most important thing we should all do as women, young, old, singles, mothers, sisters and the like let us be strong because it is the only option that we have after all that can restore our joy at the end of the day...

We can only empower each other if we are strong and able because we can.

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  • Glory Nthakomwa
    This is well said Privilege
  • Wilhelmina Tameca Gaoses
    Thank you for this contribution, I can truely relate to some of the elements mentioned above.

    As women are most likely to resort to BEING STRONG AS THE ONLY CHOICE..

    But that journey involves developing resilience and being brave through all that makes and break you down as a women. It takes a lot to strain and emotional drainage for women to be strong and to be left with only that option. Endurance is one issue that we as women really need to tap into because we are naturally born to have endaurance its there inside us.. We just need to tap into it to more often as we usually do...

    • So true, endurance, strength and prayer are the tools and saying to yourself l can do it, as women we have the l can't do it without him syndrome, but l love him, but this,..... 
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