Prostitution should be considered gainful employment?

Prostitution is currently illegal in Botswana. Most commercial sex workers fly under the radar operating illegally within the country. Most of them have said they turned to it because they had no choice but to provide for their fanilies. Some who are students have attested that they turned to commercial sex work because of the high costs of living in the city. There has been increased lobbying for legalisation of sex work and for them to be liable to tax like other gainfully employed individuals. 

Should prostitution be legalised and considered gainful employment where commercial sex workers will be taxed like any other employed person, or should it continue to be treated as a way of be-littling and disempowering women?
  • Mohammad Shariful Alam
    @ Tumelo, The question is raise by is the first consideration to start to help them. If we consider as a gainfull employment?? then I said YES. It bring llot of money. But if you consider the dignity, than what is your answer who think to legalise the prostitution.

  • Just like I always ask my fellow men who feel or like the idea of prostitution: How will you feel if the prostitute is your mother, sister, daughter or your wife? Instead of prostitution, these women should be economically empowered because they only do it for the money not for fun.
    • Tumelo Mogotsi
      Thank you  for your insights.
      Also how do we plan to tax them. Are we going to apply a fixed rate per head, do the customers get a reciepy and won't this be a recipe for tax evasion and a license for us to prosecute the already struggling?
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  • rhoida mwashambwa

    prostitution varies widedly and it is done by many women as the source of income. but never this act has been it. but rather it has been the drivers for the prevelance of Aids. so it should never legalized.

  • Uzoma Katchy
    Prostution should NEVER be legalised. Doing so will STRIP A WOMAN OF ALL HONOUR AND DIGNITY. Prostitutes should be rehabilitated and encouraged to be gainfully employed.
    • Tumelo Mogotsi
      I find it intresting how we can want to legalise something we say women do out of intense desperaton. Aren't we then preying on these women? 

      You are right, we need to rehabilite them to live a better life. 
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  • Grace Pisirai

    I agree @Mohammad and @Anesu. 

    Prostitution reduces women to merchandise that can be bought or sold and removing legal barriers will only send a message that women are sexual commodities.

    Morally it is also wrong, reducing sex to a financial transaction undermines normal human relationships, marriages and the family.

    Anesu spoke of regulation issue. I concur and  must say even in countries where prostitution has been legalised in a bid to reduce crime against prostitutes, there is a report that found a decade of legislation  (Germany) had not brought about any measurable actual improvement in the social coverage of prostitutes nor was there any proof that the law had reduced crime.

    One report states; in countries where prostitution has become legalized and taxed, the state has effectively become a pimp.
    • Tumelo Mogotsi
      Thank you Grace. Often in conversations like this people hesitate to bring up morality and religion and it is claimed that we hide behind it. 

      I'm my opinion I would not be proud to have a daughter or a sister who was a prostitute and I wonder what kind of Cv they would have. 

      Thank you also for the statistics of countries with legalised prostitution, further indicates that legalisation does nothing to weed out the root causes of our societal problems. 
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  • Mohammad Shariful Alam
    From very early civilization, prostitution remained in the society and as today. No society or civilization mentioned it as a dignified job for the women or men both. Ligalization of prostitution is only the ligalization of breakdown of women spirit, their talent and their dignity.

    Family is backbone of society if you think a decent, respectfull and peacefull society. One of the big reason to destroy the family relationship is the causes of prostitution or illegal relationship.

    So ligalization of prostitution would not the solution of root causes. We have to work to stop the violance against women which is the main cause to take the job as prostitution.

    One question to them Who want to ligalize the prostitution.  Would you agree, if your daughter, sister or wife want to be a prostitute? Why not? 
    • Mohammad Shariful Alam
      Thanks @ Immaculata and Tumelo for your reply.

      I have also feeling to the women who are not intentional came in the profession of prostitution and try to help them. But I am feel anger when I see that some movement raise voice to legalize the prostitution in the name to support them. Off course some sorts of immeadiate support is needed in case of health, legal and education but I do not agree to support their profession to continue.
      We are working for the million of people who are migrated, displace due to war or climate change effect and there have solution. So why not we work for this women to replace in better job or entilements. I think, the way to legalize the prostitution is just bring the cancer to the future.
      So we need to take intervention to replace them in alternative livelihood. And I know, it is not a easy task and it's need huge investment but we should go for a better society where no one live to sell her body for money.
      So strong initiative should be taken to Ban the prostitution to stop the new comer in this profession and simultaneously we have taken supportive social and livelihood option for them. 

    • Immaculata Chiamaka Anudu
      Hello Mohammad.
      Thank you for your reply on this topic. But I will like to understand what you meant by "one of the big reason to destroy the family relationship is the cause of prostitution or illegal relationship". Thank you
    • Tumelo Mogotsi
      Thank you Mohammed. What is always intresting is that people advocate for prostitution as long as it is not their daughters doing it. I find it to the ultimate cry of help. For women to be reduced to it means they have explored all other options and really have found no other ways of making. So in essence it doesn't solve the problems we have, it doesn't solve the poverty or end the cycle of harvesting from the already broken. 
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  • Anesu Mhlanga
    Hi Tumelo,

    Thank you for raising this discussion. 

    I think the fact that you mentioned it as something which potentially disempowers women is that in essence that's what happens.  Women who are already vulnerable are placed in an even more vulnerable position.  

    Legislation in many countries has not moved to legalise prostitution because it's difficult to regulate, contra bonos mores and exposes women to violence and discrimination and further places them at high risk of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.  Governments are trying to enact legislation which empowers women and legalising prostitution may not always align with legislation.

    More importantly what women need is to be presented with alternatives because for many, when placed in vulnerable positions prostitution often seems like the only option.

    Kind Regards, 

    • Tumelo Mogotsi
      Thank you Anesu. For countries like Botswana which already have a high HIV prevelance rate, we are encouraging people to stick one sexual partner to curb the spread. Indeed the legalizatoion of prostitution would erode these efforts. 

      And yes, I do agree that it further marginalises women instead of giving them choice and a voice.
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