Is it your Environment or Parents / Guardian that shapes up your carrier?

Hi Every One, 
Another week another time for us to brainstorm what really Determines our Carrier.
the floor is open....

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  • Sally Martin
    Hi Doris,

    To this point in my case I have made decisions based on what I am passionate about while of course analysing the trends for market demands and future anticipations.

    I know of a good no of people who have gone into career paths that they were influenced by parents and are not happy at all, I think if the environment gives influence it is safer to say that it might be more fulfilling.
    Additionally the lack of good guidance from professional lacks and thus most end up with careers they don't even understand.

    It is my hope that once students are in high schools that tecahers or the schools can take the initiatives of focusing on career guidance and counseling for them to better select more fulfilling careers and that they may be passionate about.
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