Do you think women fear to take financial risks more than men if so Why???

Through my observation during my interactions with most women and youths who would like to invest, The biggest fear most people have especially women is that what if they made losses or lost their savings?
My answer back to them has been WHAT IF YOU MADE PROFITS? 
Most get stuck at this level even when they have the capital to start a business, and this thoughts can hold one back since comfort zones are very calm.

Thing is no one is ever certain about anything, No one has ever gone into a business with a guarantee of making profits or having a flourishing business. Nothing is certain in life not even our lives. But some just choose to take the risk, it is never likely that most will succeed at their first attempt but they still hang in with the hope that things will get better and try hard to survive until they thrive.
Businesses take long to break even and depending on the nature of business some may take more that 12 months to get to the break even point therefore needing one to excercise a lot of patience, tolerance, tenacity and incooperating agility to succeed.
It is usually during this long waiting periods that most choose to quit and drop some of the most brillant and innovative ideas that could contribute to the growth of economies. Thing is no one who wants to bear the luggage of uncertainty and loss thus making most shy away.

I believe moving forward for those thinking of starting up businesses whatever the kind.......JUST START, IF YOU FAIL TRY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN while applying the lessons learnt from past mistakes.
One of the gravest mistakes most people commit is to keep on trying while using the same old methods that failed initially and expecting the same results or quiting before achieving the full flavor of their businesses.
If you need to see a difference and achieve different results you have to start doing somethings differently.

Therefore while they say: DREAM BIG, START SMALL, START NOW 

I would like to add cream to the cake by saying DREAM BIG;START SMALL;START NOW;BE AGILE;BE PREPARED
  • Dorcas Tiwaa Addai
    Hello @Sally Martin, I share in your views. However, I would suggest that one other reason why most women fear their businesses cannot succeed or that they cannot make profits, has to with some socio-cultural ideas that bound most women to their husbands.

    Most women, fail to succeed in their businesses because their husbands tend to be the 'boss' over their business activities - taking money meant for the business from their wives and never paying back, encouraging their wives to go for loans meant for the business, only for them to take it away from their wives etc.

    In essence, most of these women just don't want to keep failing when they feel their business might not succeed due to some of these problems outlined above.
    • Dorcas Tiwaa Addai
      In that regard, financial literacy programmes, as well as training on best business practices should be available to women, in order for them to acquire the practical skills and knowledge to effectively start,maintain and grow their businesses.
    • Sally Martin
      Thank you Dorcas that is a very good point to note. 

      Though aside from getting to that point I found out that most once they try and it failed they just won't want to try something else. 

      Therefore on this verge of Women Empowerment how do we empower women to be their own bosses and take charge of their businesses and improve on their operations?
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