Skills Development

I decided to use my knowledge skills to make the world a better place for both Wome and Men to live and connduct their activities with freedom of decisions.
We want the world without war discriminations hunger free of disease people resides in a better place with peace and harmony gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability.
Education , trade, market and social investment will need a place where its peaple are in trangulity state and practices equality and equity. Social security and protection still need premises where involvement of social activities are not in barrier thus poverty revamp and alleviation will be given a straight chances on how to tackle them strategically. Social awereness is capable when the targeted society is prepared ready to receive such kind of knowledge, how could they be prepared is by providing education which will act as a catalyst of the kind of society whom prepared to denouce every thing about women. Social health status depends on the measures provided under the circumstances where they live, people with safety life means they cares about themselves they avoid harshnes among themselves and connvenient health facilities and activities.
  • Glory Nthakomwa
    Wow, this is incredible. Thank you for sharing.
  • Sadick Lugendo
    Let us came together and push the womens activities to the upper level support them and allow them to be free doing their staffs
    • Veronica Ngum Ndi
      Thank you Sadick, you can really be a good adovocate of womens rights
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  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Thanks for sharing
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