Inclusive project cycle management

One most important strategy to have sustainable projects is by getting all on board during planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.This is to ensure that everyones needs are met during the life of that project because with every member of the community represented,a sense of ownership will be felt there by attaining sustainability.

Please I will like all to share with me what strategies they use in their communities to make projects inclusive must especially for persons with disabilities
  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem
    Before the conception of a project,the strategy I use is to carry out a need assestment in the targeted area, and I make sure some of the community members are involved during the conception of the project.I always like using the Participatory Impact Aprroach (P.I.M) which is very inclusive and makes the community gains ownership.
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Inclusive projects for persons with disabilities are successful only when their opinion is taken into consideration.For it is said that "Only him who wears the shoe knows better where it pinches"Those with visual impairment can better say what will facilitate their inclusion as well as all other form of disability/impairment.
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