Free Webinar – Preparing Women for the Challenges of Executive Careers

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Whereas women have made great strides in corporate careers, their rise up the corporate ladder is still not easy. Apart from more systemic factors such as real or perceived glass ceilings, unconscious biases and leaky pipelines that women need to overcome to reach the top successfully, women also often lack the belief or confidence that they can reach the top.

However, the future outlook is promising with projected females rising to executive positions globally set to rise significantly (36 per cent) in the next decade. Programmes are being put into place to subsequently help women grow through the career ranks.

In this interactive webinar, Professor Sucheta Nadkarni will discuss how women can seize these opportunities and how they can proactively prepare themselves for the opportunities and challenges of executive positions through building confidence and personal power and leadership skills as part of clearly planned long-term career strategies.


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