The issues that  have caused harmful practices  on the lives of children can be traced to the lack of sensitivity on the part of adults who have the responsibility  to protect these children. 
Th moment every individual starts seeing EVERY CHILD as theirs, the world will be a better place to live in. Governments,  individuals and policy makers at different levels will  then, make better DECISIONS that will improve their general well being.

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  • Mary Mkoji
    Thanks Uzoma. Quite intriguing piece....

    This takes us back to the days where community and kinship social protection mechanisms worked; where the child belonged to the community and it was everyone's duty to ensure the child's wellbeing and discipline.Indeed every child was theirs.  Sadly, times today have changed.

    In my opinion, the first step to improve the lot of a child is to give the child a voice, to create an environment where a child can freely express their views and be heard in matters concerning them. To do away with 'tokenism'-in child participation and to actually encourage and strengthen it through education, information, mentorship and apprenticeship. To get their issues, view, opinions from their perspective and to address them at face value as we (the adults) guide and support them.
  • Elvira Che Atehwah
    Hello Uzoma,

    Thanks for this. First, i like to say there is need for train young people who hope to have kids in the future the importance of taking care of children and bringing them up in the right way. But however is looks very unrealistic to some especially from my continent Africa because of the pressure on people on having children. In the past, children were born to increase labour force of the family which is legally no correct because it caused a lot of child labour.

    My point is to improve on the life of a child we have to think about it before even bringing them to the world. In many cases it it always a mistake caused in the act of our selfish sexaul hunger. That I know is hard to accomplish but Im talking about married people who try to get involve in family planning to think about thier resources and their mental preparedness if they are ready for kids.

    Our cultural backgrounds sometimes handicap us from being our true selves but if we stand up to certain cultures to make our societies better we will achieve our set objectives
  • Vaidehi Krishnan
    Dear Uzoma,

    What a magnanimous thought!  Yes, we do need to broaden our horizons and hearts to see all children, why, every child as our own - with precisely this spirit I as a freelancer in the social sector I have composed poems and letters to children, though these are yet to be put up on blog sites, as I am still on the look-out for someone to help me out with the necessary technological help for doing the same! 

    I also run a women's empowerment organization, www.facebook.com/womensynergy - a non-profit organization here in India, and though targetted only at women, I help them with programs that capacitate them in areas like parenting, children's health and so on; besides offering handouts for mothers on topics related to children's welfare, values for children, best practices when it comes to their children's health and lifestyles and so on; as we can never look at women alienated from their children!  Happier the women, happier their children and vice-versa!!  We believe in promoting practices related to 'Responsible Parenting', 'Appreciative Parenting' and so on! 

    Developmental work carried out targeting any level, country or sect of people,  I believe, ought to be done in such away/does have a ripple effect on others around as well; exerting the much desired positive influence!

    Cheers, Vaidehi Krishnan, India

  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Children's right can be improved by fully protecting their rights and to ensure justice takes course when violation happens.Children have the rights to shelter,health,education,nutrition and social inclusion.
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