Work-life Balance for a richer life

Work plays a significant role in our life. However, balance is the key to achieve a better and richer life.

If we are not able to maintain this balance then productivity decreases. 

How you all are maintaining this balance?

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Work-life balance
  • Ana Chkheidze
    Ishat, this is a very actual and important topic. I still have trouble balancing work or other career related activities with fun. I think the key to this is prioritizing the tasks and trying not to procrastinate as much as possible. Unfortunately the social media era distracts people from accomplishing a lot more than they could within the day, I can speak from personal experience. Also make sure that the list of tasks per day are achievable, sometimes we try to do more than it is possible and this leads to anxiety.
  • Adina Laura Achim
    My husband balances me. His strength and support are crucial for my success. We are a great team and that helps both of us perform better
  • Faith A.C Ayegba
    I would say its not easy to balance them. Sometimes, one tends to over-burden one over another. But the conscious effort knowing you have to slow down helps prioritize and put things in perspective.
  • Ozlem Cengiz Alparslan
    I am 42 and still trying to learn it Ishrat... Thank you for bringing up such an important subject because it is the essence of life really :)
  • Lembie Mmereki
    I struggle with this a lot. I have weeks where I just sink into my work and wont see sunshine for days. And days where  I cant be bothered to touch anyhting work related. Its horrible, I know. But most of it has to do with being a single mother who is also self employed. Most of the time I can only work when my daughter is at school or sleeping. So during school holidays I try to maximise on work, which totally just tips everything over. Need real help in this area.
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      I am impressed Lembie! Being single mother, you are doing great. It is just a self doubt which is dragging you down. Trust me, you are not alone in maintaining this balance. Sometimes, we all are like that and fell like we are not enough. Believe in yourself and keep working and putting your best in both aspects of life. 

      All the best!
    • Ozlem Cengiz Alparslan
      Hang in there Lembie... I'm sure you are already doing a great job as a parent raising your girl on your own and I think she will appreciate it even more as she grows up. I have a little girl at home as well and I feel guilty even working from home when she is around. But it is the little things that make them happy... Like reading a book before they go to sleep or dancing together to the music they love (even it's for ten minutes) when they come home from school ;)

      I wish you and your daughter a happy and wonderful life :)
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