Failure is a very difficult thing for some women to handle. It took me a while to be able to always over look failure and see the biggerpicture, to work hard and strive for better things. How will you ecourage women who lay back and do not get engaged in anything for fear of failure?

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    Hi Elvira,
    Fear is what makes one not to achieve their dreams.You have to believe in yourself and that will drive away all the fear.And the good thing is that we learn from our mistakes if you do not fail,you will not have the motivation of working harder.
    Believe in yourself and the fear of failure will run away.
  • رحاب محمد
    Elvira ; instead of talking about failure in order to spread negativity in this women plat form  try to inspire women to break the glass in order to succeed in their lives and achieve their goals this is my advice if you want it as iam wondering how woman like you do such strange actions that empowers men against women instead of empowering women 
    Rehab Ismai is afemale from Egypt so if you want to encourage women to get over their fear let them challenge themselves their community proving that they are strong, they deserve to be the best, try to remove with them ay obstacles that tries to stand in their way
    Rehab Ismail is afemale from Egypt
    • رحاب محمد
      From me Rehab Ismail Afemale from Egypt
      TO Elvira , if you want to make these women get over these fears encourage them to break the glass by explaining to them that there is nothing to be fear of it because they are the best, encourage them to challenge themselves and their community, and help them to remove the obstacles from their way
      Rehab Ismail Afemale from Egypt
    • Elvira Che Atehwah
      Hello Rehab,

      Sorry if you got me wrong but i am not spreading negetivity and will not for one minute empower a man over a woman. Truth be told there are lots of women out there who are scared to get engaged in anything because they fear if they fail they will be critized. If as strong women or empowered women if don't look out for such women and build thier self confidence and couraged to always take a step dispite the odds, then we need to rethink.
      To solve a problem the first thing you do is call the problem out. And fear for failure is a problem i have noticed amongst women in my community and it needs to be address, that is why i asked for contributions.

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  • Melinda Nyaradzo Chakurira
    We all learn from our mistakes ,so if we are afriad to try we can never learnt.Women should encourage each other in the midst of failure as this can be a demotivating phase.
  • Irene Lyimo

    Why do women afraid of failures, it is how the society label the failure today.

    But we have a chance to change this in our new error, we unlearn the culture of women failure by telling them, how failure is a way to teach one new ways of been more innovative.

  • Ana Chkheidze
    Elvira, thank for the interesting topic! Getting up after falling down can be extremely challenging and kudos to you for looking at the bigger picture. It does take a courage and extreme optimism to either don't give up or get up after the defeat. I think we can help women who are afraid of failure (like myself) by encouraging them to think more positively, do not be afraid and live life, go out, meditate, keep mental and physical health, have a good sleep and productive mind throughout the day. Only we ourselves can truly change who we are, it's easy to fall into a despair and refuse to do anything, after all, many failures lead to better knowledge and more chances for success. If you never try, you never know.
    • Elvira Che Atehwah
      Hello Ana,

      Thank you. I tell myself this no matter what happens in life, i will always get up, dress-up and show-up
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