Why women still cant have it all

In an article published in the Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter  a former public servant in the US Secretary of State and law professor in Princeton University told her story as working mother. The articles is Why Women Still Cant Have it All; the article raised a lot of discussion and loud. At the end she told that she had to resign to her work as public servant because she couldnt combine as work in the government and in her family, even when her husband helped her to care her childre. Now she is a champion of stay-home mums, she thinks society owes caregivers more respect.

Do you think  women still cant have it all?
Do you think this feminism of today owes respect to care givers?
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    I believe women can have it all. We are more resilient than men. I think with support and determination, we can cope with both work and the family. The main goal is for women to be economically empowered. 
  • Abiodun essiet
    I am really disappointed, if we want women empowerment and another want women to be bounded by cultural norms and believes, then we are confusing our children. We women needs to stand together and understand the basis of our fight. Cultural beliefs has limited women in Africa so far, it is time to stop it, we women should know how to prioritize and strategies. As a woman we are attracted to caring for people around us, it is a normal thing, we should not allow it to take all our lives , values and civic duties to our society. We have house keeping and other domestic workers that can assist us in fulfilling our duties. 
  • Fiifi Oduro-Nyarkoh
    Hi Veronica,

    Yes I read her story and watched her TED Talk.

    I must say I was deeply disappointed and I still am,  about the support this woman continues to get. Her purpose and logic are completely flawed and pulls back all the Hard work we have been doing all these years to push women in the spotlight.

    I am a Man and I believe that WOMEN CAN HAVE IT ALL!!

    Every woman's "ALL" may be different, but once you set a goal and develop a plan to achieve it considering contingencies, with hard work and perseverance you will achieve it.

    Thruth is, many women plan to have have Children but they fail to plan to take care of them. There's a popular saying that " If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I believe her story is a classical case of Parental failure. 

    I can count many women who have held and are currently holding highly demanding positions of Power yet successfully raised their children into responsible Adults.

    From Hillary Clinton,  the mother of Chelsea Clinton, a. Global Change leader to Sheryl Sandberg , chief operating officer of Facebook and mother of two young children, who says she leaves everyday at 5:30 to have dinner with her family.
    Anne-Marie Slaughter is a bad example to young women. When she tells women they can't have it all, she's only reinforcing stereotypes against women and defeating the cause of feminism.
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