What do you wish you knew when you became economically independent?

What could of helped you more if you knew it earlier?

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  • Valentine Kamau
    Another often forgotten aspect is taking up insurance poilicies which come in handy in emergencies.
  • Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers
    I wish somebody told me about the importance of having a passive income.
  • Leah Davidson
    I similarly wish I knew more about financial management: how to save for retirement, how to create a budget, how to interpret insurance plans, how to build a credit score, etc. Even coming from a developed country such as the US and attending a top business school, we received no financial planning training and thus learning how to set up bank accounts and investment plans was difficult.
  • Deepa Pillai
    I agree with the others below. I did save but I wished I was smarter with money and learned more about investing it properly. 
      Hi Deepa, 

      We all made mistakes at one point in our lives. Any mistake you make in life, just see it as a learning point and success to the next level. Its not too late to turn a new leaf

      Thanks for sharing you thought.
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  • Maria Pedro Miala
    I wish somebody had told me how to grow my savings.
    • Valentine Kamau
      Well the best day to make a fresh start is today and educate the younger generation on the importance of saving. 
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  • Valentine Kamau
    Save, save and save no matter how little. I saved a bit but i feel i could have done better.
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