This would be something I would love to be filled in the near future but hard work , determination. Awareness need to be made why it is important for women to be at the forefront of politics. Culture adaptation or culture ignorance plays a vital role in the lives of girls and women all over the world. Little is made to change most cultures in Africa and Asia that don't  empower women. More women rulers are needed for the change to occur and empower women .
  • Irene Lyimo


    I will say, we do not need just women in leadership position, rather we need powerful women how are focused, determine and capable of bringing changes that have positive impact towards WEE.

  • Eri I
    Every mother should teach her children that girls and boys have the same human rights , but not dividing or giving stereotypes that women should clean the house and only men can play football. These types of differentiations are creating real gaps related with equality genders. 
  • Ana Chkheidze
    I firmly belive that more women in politics will lead to overally improved performance of the government and the country! They just need to be treated equal to man and given opportunity to succeed in the political field.
  • Maria Pedro Miala
    Maybe teaching young girls about how they can make an impact by entering in politics can help.
  • Maryann Nwanneka Egwuonwu
    Many women are scared of going into politics because its perceived to be the men's world. 
    • Carol Ajie

      In overcoming "scared" a legislation
      similar to Rwandan is imperative
      which reserves a percentage of the
      seat for women in parliament.
      Sharing a link here:
      Nigeria's first lady Aisha Buhari

      on women empowerment

      published today Dec 7, a powerful

      voice leading our gender campaign.

      Aisha Buhari, govs emphasise women empowerment for national development - Tribune



      Aisha Buhari, govs emphasise women empowerment for national development - T...

      WOMEN’S unparalleled resilience and the imperativeness of their empowerment for the desired national development...




    • Gee Chids
      I agree with you
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  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    I agree with. We need more women in politics.
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