A number of star-up businesses can take off with little or no income or savings. Using a space in your residential home can save money. If you are a skilled in hair braiding for example, all you need for start up are customers, how about setting up a shop from home to sell food products right from your garden? Or a car wash? There are a lot of businesses that do not require capital for people in the developing world. Mentoring them and getting them started off will help them become economically empowered.Name a few you know. Thanks
  • Oluwafunbi Alatise
    Hello Ogbeyalu,
     There are quite a number of vocation women can do with little or no capital. There are many people who are busy and need someone to get things fixed for them. Of such services are errand service provider, cleaning of offices, homes and gardens, cooking soups and meal for people. All of these doesn't require any capital but proper packaging of your presentation to people,
    Catering is another service which you can provide for people which doesn't require any capital but how you sell yourself to your clients. Some of these services I have provided for people at some time of my life when I was faced with financial challenges and which rescued me a great deal.
    Hi Ogbeyalu,
    You are right. So many small businesses can take off with little start up cost, without renting a place. Some of those includes: sale of recharge cards, shoe repairing, Freelance photography and web techs etc.
  • Rebecca Kiwanuka
    You are right Ogbeyalu, i have seen people thrive from utilizing space at home or social media. They do not pay rent and maximise profits that way.
  • Valentine Kamau
    Most Online businesses require no capital; just consistency in marketing and making the brand visible.

    The hurdle in such businesses is that you have to be computer literate and have access to internet.
  • Anggi Nurqonita
    I agree with the idea of setting business from home this will benefit women to have more flexible time especially to singlo mom. Having flexible working hours will be really helpful in supporting single mother who are expected to take greater roles and responsibilities in the lives of their children.
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