Right of women and gender eqaulity

It is very evident to note that women are subjected to child marriage, forced labour, sex slavery and many other disastrous crime which are the violation of basic human rights. There needs to be a proper framework in each government to give women the right they need. Often due to male dominated human world women are suppressed from peers and family members.The psychology of male domination must change in a way that proper equality between men and women is taken into account.Sdg goal 5 talks about gender equality which the world diplomats and leaders think is an important issue but the only problem remains that implementation of groundwork to strive for equality is not being done.
  • Joel Odota
    Women and men are both human beings. We have got human rights that applies to both gender. Why would women's rights be stolen by the men? That is rude and greedy. Women need their rights back. It has been stolen enough and this is the right time we need the women to have their human rights and freedom back. I, on behalf of my firends and the entire men of the world will blow my trumpet of gender equality and women economic empowerment everyday and louder every other day. Equality is a human right, women's right. They deserve equal treatment in politics, economic and social spheres.






  • Angela Bakibinga
    Well said Mayukh!
  • Sonia Aoula
    HI  Mayukh,

    Indeed Gender Equality is one of the SDG goals  but although world leaders do talk about it, there is a gap in the implementation.
    For me , this gap is mainly in societies where the issue is more about how the society is still patriarcal.
    The implementation is done in countries like scandanavia. Those countries understood that by tackling the gender equality issue it benefits the whole society and it aslo a matter that everyone is educated to respect women. By aknowladging the fact that patriarcal societies are not good neither for men and women,  and that a woman needs asmuch respect as a man, we will see an improvement in the implementation.
  • Olga Rajchikj
    Dear Mayukh,

    I agree with you that sometimes laws aiming to protect women are not  fully applicable, or not implemented in real life practice. I think that having gender equality as one of the SD goals, in fact is another indicator that there has to be informed in women-related policies, as well as foster implementation on the already existing ones.
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    You are right Mayukh. Laws which are to protect women, have so many lacunae. More unfortuante is the inadequate implementation of these laws. There is thus, need for reform and effective implementation of these laws.
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