How can you promote gender equality in a community where there is extreme poverty, hunger, diseases and lack of human rights? how do we tackle these issues that hinder gender equality? your thoughts thanks.
  • Rupande Mehta
    It is exactly the climate to promote gender equality. We know when women are empowered and work, socieities and nations improve. When a woman is educated she lifts the community and the nation. Human rights cannot be achieved until there is gender equality. 
  • Ozlem Cengiz Alparslan
    There is a saying in Turkish 'If money goes out the door, love goes out the window'. Some people also apply this thought to topics like gender equality, human rights, etc. They think that these are not 'urgent' issues. But in my opinion, we have to support progress in all areas simultaneously in order to create a better society. Thanks for bringing up this issue :)
  • Dorcas Tshuma
    Hi Ogbeyalu

    Its very important to note that women are the ones suffering the brunt of gender-based oppression. However, gender equality is also socially and economically beneficial for men. You can promote gender equality in a community where there is extreme poverty by availing opportunities for women to eradicate poverty

    Gender equality not only gives women their inalienable rights, but it benefits humanity as a whole. It can help tackle the crippling poverty, illiteracy and abuse that have afflicted nations across the world.

    Gender equality will also help break down rigid gender roles that afflict us all. Men will no longer have the pressure of being strong caregivers and protectors. They will be free to express sadness and sensitivity without being seen as weak. With gender equality, a man’s emotions will no longer be seen as a ploy to get a girl or signs of a weaker man; it will be seen as human expression.

    Men will also no longer have the pressure of proving themselves or of being the strongest or the best. With gender equality, everyone can pursue any career, dress in any way and act on any emotion without being seen as too feminine or too masculine.

    At the end of the day, oppression for one means oppression for all. If women are forced into certain social roles, men are thereby forced to fill up the vacant space that some women could have filled. Without gender equality, no nation will see the full capacity of its economy or education.


    Hi Ogbenyealu, nice question you've asked.

    I think gender equality is very simple. It is simply saying that let there be equity in every opportunity, including hirering, career, pay and at home too. Once you stablize this, hunger, poverty, diseses and lack of human right will also follow. Gender equality holds the key to many things.
  • Clarindi Greeff
    Good Evening Ogbeyalu, 

    The great thing about solving problems like these ones is that often, erradicating gender inequality can be the key to relieving these issues. 

    Let's say for example that poverty is your issue, you can erradicate it by making women part of your economic workforce, therefor doubling the economic activity that takes place in your country. If you educate women and enable them to earn more and to uplift their communities, you will also tackle a lot of these problems. If you make women part of the political leadership of a country (like Rwanda has done), women issues can be tackled at a national level and health care for example can be improved.

    Promoting gender equality should also be seen as a parallel process to erradicating these issues. We need to simultaneously invest time into promoting gender equality. The efforts does not neccessarily have to be resource intensive-digital training and even online awareness projects allready go a long way. 

    It is also very important to take into account that all of the resources that should be used to erradicate gender inequalities does not neccessarily have to come from the government. Corporates have to be made aware of their responsibility to contribute and their inputs can also be used. 

    These issues should not be seen as separate, as they are very closely link and one is often contributed to by the other. Thus the erradication of one, will also lead to the bettering of the other. 
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